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    Tableau Server Architecture - 1 day course, is it worth it?

    Mark ODonnell

      Heading to the conference this year.   This will be my 3rd. 

      I have never taken any of the pre conference training and I was wondering if anyone has found value in the Tableau Server Architecture pre conference training.  I've been using Tableau for 3 years now and server administrator for 2 years.   I am not sure it's worth $600 for me.

      If anyone has taken this class I would love your input.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Michael Perillo



          I've been working in Tableau Server for 3 years and have my certification. I recently came back from the 5-day (2-day+3-day) Server Architecture/Administration Training.  I've worked with the Tableau Server 9 alpha and beta products and felt comfortable using Tableau 9.  However the class was worth while for me and I learned a few new things.  I have better insight how Tableau Server 9 architecture works.  If you read through the Admin guides you should be fine to support your environment, but I don't think anyone can answer "Is it worth it" for you.



          Michael Perillo