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    Calculated field/logical function

    Ian Burdin

      Hi all


      I want to create a calc field whereby I multiply a particular sales channel by a pre-defined cost or price. For example, for the marketing channels as follows:


      Paid search - £0.05

      Natural search - £0.00

      Social media - £0.05

      Display - £0.02


      All of the above should be multiplied by number of Visits. For instance, paid search had 2,000, social media had 1,000 and so on.


      Aggregator - £0.30  this should be multiplied by number or Orders. So for example 500 orders

      Obviously visits and orders are measures that already exist in the workbook. Channel is the dimension I am using for marketing channel

      I have tried an IF and THEN statement for example

      IF (Channel) = "Aggregator" THEN (Orders)*.3

      IF (Channel) = "Paid search" THEN (Visits)*.05



      But I am getting error messages...

      Many thanks