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    /#/ in v9 URLs causing issue with F5 load balancer redirects

    Donna Coles

      I developed a custom landing page as per Mark Jackson awesome concept described here Custom Tableau Server Landing Page.


      This page is just a dashboard published at a url like https://myserver/views/tableau/customlandingpage. To ensure everyone lands on the page when they navigate to https://myserver, we set up a redirect irule on our F5 load balancer, that basically works as


      "if user is going to https://myserver then redirect to https://myserver/views/tableau/customlandingpage, else send them to where they want to go"


      Since we upgraded to v9, the redirect no longer works.  In v9, it seems the urls are getting padded with '/#/' so our landing page url gets automatically changed to https://myserver/#/views/tableau/customlandingpage.


      In F5 the '#' symbol seems to be a special character and everything after the '/#' is getting ignored, so wherever we try to navigate to somewhere else eg https://myserver/projects we always end up at our custom landing page as this gets padded to https://myserver/#/projects.  For now we've removed the irule.


      We've done several tests and found that


      So we're just trying to find out if there's any way round this or if anyone's come across this before.

      We'd also be interested to know why the URLs are getting automatically padded in this way.


      Note - We are aware of the ability that v9 now lets you set a dashboard as a start page, but this only seems to be on an individual level.  As an admin I can't set a dashboard as the start page for all users :-(


      As always any thoughts/insight appreciated (we're checking the F5 forums too :-) )



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