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    Trying to reproduce this table

    Louise Toohey

      Hi all,

      I am trying to reproduced this table in Tableau 9.0 and am a bit stuck at present. I have managed to reproduce the Sales Gas, LPG, Condensate and Oil Gross numbers in their reported units on one table with the "field total" however cannot get the "Company Nett" row or the "total" (in PJe) for each scenario to display on the same table. I have these values in the database that I am using as separate measures. I do need to display the LPG, Condensate and Oil in the units they are in on the table so I cannot just display everything as PJe.

      Is there a way to add these columns/rows into a workbook in Tableau that I am missing? I've been playing around with trying to get this working on and off for a few weeks with no luck so far.

      Thanks in advance!