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    Tableau and Analytic Resources and Examples


      At the Spokane TUG we discussed posting useful books, resources and example websites that people might be interested in. Here is my start to this list, please feel free to contribute your own:


      Books on Visualization and Design

      Show Me the Numbers by Stephen Few

      Now You See It by Stephen Few

      Information Dashboard Displays by Stephen Few

      Visualize This by Nathan Yau

      Tableau Your Data by Daniel Murray


      Books on Statistics and R

      Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan

      Predictive Analytics by Eric Siegel

      Statistics An introduction using R by Michael Crawley

      R for Everyone by Jared Lander

      Everything is Obvious by Duncan Watts

      Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb



      Whitworth 2021 - Key Performance Indicatorshttp://www.whitworth.edu/GeneralInformation/Whitworth2021/kpi.htm

      Interactive Fact Book And Census Reportshttp://uiw.edu/ir/interactive-fact-books/index.html

      Cornell Institutional Research and Planning | Information about Cornellhttp://irp.dpb.cornell.edu/




      Ken Brown

      Chief Information Officer

      Whitworth University