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    Using SCRIPT_REAL()

    Jay Shin

      Hi, everyone in the community. I'm a new user to Tableau and have questions related to using SCRIPT_REAL().


      I noticed that when calling variables from imported data in calculated fields, the function requires to use aggregated variables using SUM(),AVG(),MIN() and such. Why does the function requires to use such number instead of the original data and what kind of difference would it make if I am just using "simple data" (non-longitudinal, independent column attributes)? Also, is there a way to see the numerical values of calculated fields? 

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          Hey Jay,


          While all variables in a calculate field need to be aggregated, often *simple data* is not affected if using min() and max(). I would try that and let us know how it goes. I also may have missed the point of this post entirely but maybe Bora Beran can help.

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            Bora Beran

            SCRIPT_ calculations are table calculations which operate on data in the visualization, since data in the visualization is generally aggregated calculation needs to know aggregation to use. If you would like to use row level data, you can achieve this by unchecking the Aggregate Measures option in Analysis menu. This way you will be working with disaggregate data even if your formula has SUM(field name) etc.