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    How can I partition revenue over a date range such that it falls equally (or at percentages I want) on each day?

    Avery Alchek

      I am pulling our revenue numbers from a database that is synced to Tableau. I am trying to put together some revenue visuals of how we compare monthly, quarterly, and yearly compared to last year. All of our deals have start date and end dates. For example, let's say a deal's start date is December 15th and its end date is January 15th and we earn $10k over that period.


      How can I partition this (in the easiest way possible in case we adjust anything) such that the 10k will be attributed equally over each day (so that may be 10,000/31 then attributed to each day)?


      The real problem is I want to be able to report what our revenues would be per quarter or per year (maybe even per month) but deals have overlapping date ranges that can span multiple months/quarters/years, and I would like to be able to bucket revenues by these date pieces.


      Thanks you, and please let me know if you have better ideas.