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    Average order value calc field

    Ian Burdin

      Hi all


      I have some basic campaign data which is all fine, apart from the calculated fields I have created.


      The data has orders, revenue, visits and quotes. I have created 4 fields:


      Average Order Value (Revenue/Orders)

      Conversion (Orders/Visits)

      Quotes to visits (quotes/visits)


      I want to split these metrics out by channel (social media, display, aggregator etc) and by device type (desktop, tablet etc)


      The data has integrated into Tableau fine, but when I introduce a channel and device type split, the calculations are incorrect.


      For example using a simple calc in excel...for the aggregator channel the numbers are:


      Orders: 14,689

      Revenue: £2,753,250


      AOV should equal £187.43 but as per the attached workbook, the answer I'm receiving is £179.11


      Similarly, conversion should equal 27.8% but in the workbook the answer is 28.9%.


      Any help gratefully appreciated!