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    Unable to open specific TDE file using Java TDE API

    Shirish Bathe

      Hi All,


      I am using TDE API to open tde file (walmart.tde) which was downloaded from http://tableaubook.com/workbooks.asp site.

      But I am getting following error

           com.tableausoftware.TableauException: table name must be "Extract"

           at com.tableausoftware.DataExtract.Extract.<init>(Unknown Source)

           at AppZip.generate(AppZip.java:149)

           at AppZip.main(AppZip.java:214)

      Whereas I have used sample code provided in TDE API, which creates TDE file and opens the same. It is working as expected. I have also commented generation part from sample code (Attached here) and executed on existing sample tde file which is working fine.  But same code for walmart.tde (Attached here) is not working...


      I have also used walmart.tde with tableau desktop 8.3 and it is working fine.


      Why TDE API is not able to handle walmart.tde. 



      Shirish Bathe