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    Tableau server unexpected error

    Yaniv Gold

      We are getting an error for one of our users when trying to open a dashboard in the Tableau server.

      We are using Tableau server 9.0.4, 64 bit

      I attached the error message.

      Does anyone know how this can be solved?

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          Hey Yaniv,


          When we see these issues, they tend to be caused by the following:


          -Improperly configured SSL certificates.

          -improperly configured proxy/loadbalancer.

          -Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server are in different locales.


          Could any of this be culprit?

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            Yaniv Gold

            Hi Diego,

            this dashboard is being used as an embedded object in a portal developed (plain htmls) in-house, so option one sounds like it can be related.

            Specifically this happened to a user with a Mac running on Safari (it did work properly when using IE).

            Does this information help you in any way to understand the issue further?

            What other info would you like me to provide?