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    Do you like the viz?

    Sasha Hanna
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          Simon Runc

          hi Alexandra,


          Yes looks great (really like the colour pallet)...and a legitimate use of a Speed Gauge!! (Speed Gauges used as Speed-o-meters are what they are for...not a check against Budget!!)


          ...I've been working on something similar using the Garmin data for a bike ride a friend took (and also been getting the IFTTT app to track my movement for the last few weeks...need more data to make anything good though!).


          It's annoying that the Page filter (i.e. running through time) doesn't work on line (its the same deal with Server). Speaking of which I can't even manually move it! (not sure if that's just me!). I'd love to see it in action, so any chance you can allow the download workbook settings so I can run on Desktop (and get the full benefit of the Speedometer!!)


          Thanks for posting

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            Sasha Hanna

            Hi Simon,

            Thank you for the feedback! I am really interested to see what you come up with the biking data. It is true that interesting events occur over a longer period of time.

            Yes, the Pages animation unfortunately does not work on Public or Server but you can try to animate it using Java script


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              Austin Barry



              Please share any cool dashboard/data you pull from this. I have an avid Cyclist in CO and would like to dive deeper into my data via Garmin connect/Strava. They give great progress reports for individual segments, but I would like a very high level progress report. Heart rate zone improvements, power improvements, etc etc.


              We should connect and discuss!



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                Simon Runc

                hi Austin,


                Yes will do...I'm hopefully going to find the time next week to put it all together...However in the meantime here is a project that Andy Kriebel has been doing using Alteryx and the data from RunKeeper to put together a Viz of his training for a marathon


                Alteryx + Tableau: Visualising a Simpler RunKeeper Training Plan


                He wasn't happy with the default charts he gets with the App, so built this from the data. Sounds like just the kind of information you'd want. Although he's used Alteryx here, it is possible without (just a bit more work!).


                I'll be using Alteryx too, but will also show how to do any geo-coding stuff using QGIS (and open-source GIS tool)