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    how to optimise performance with maps

    Johnny Huang



        I have been working heavily in the last few weeks to optimise my Tableau Dashboard performance.  So far I've made a lot of gains by optimising the underlying database tables via optimising indexes alone.


        I have noticed since I added a MAP view to the Dashboard, it takes A LOT longer for Tableau Server to render the view to actually hanging at times when my users zoom around the map.  After doing some investigation & looking at the error logs, it looks like the connectivity to the Tableau Server may be intermittently dropping.  (note : this works perfectly under Tableau Desktop)


        My main question here is...


        - does anybody have any tips for optimising MAPPING performance? (is there a way to cache them locally etc?)


        If I can't solve this I may have to remove the MAP view from my dashboards published on Tableau Server just to ensure performance & end user experience! (I really don't want to!)


        Thanks team