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    Manually clear Tableau Server cache/subscription email sending old report after refresh

    Felix Curran



      I'm looking to find a way to manually clear Tableau Server's cache. I've ran across an odd error with Tableau Server and I think the cache might be the problem. The error happens under these circumstances:


      1. Workbook has been on Tableau Server for more than a day.
      2. Workbook uses one data source, set up to refresh each morning.
      3. User edits view/stored procedure behind data source which causes refresh to fail.
      4. Daily subscription that sends out email version of workbook runs as normal, but sends out an out-of-date workbook because of the data source refresh failing.
      5. User fixes view/stored procedure and manually refreshes data source that previously failed.
      6. Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop now shows up-to-date information in workbook.
      7. Re-run subscription to resend the report to email address.
      8. Email that gets sent out is still the old out-of-date report from point 4.


      I usually just wait until the next day for the subscription to be sent out again, which has up-to-date data, but I want to find out how to manually fix this issue. As said before, I think the cache is the problem and that it maybe automatically clears on a daily basis.


      Thanks in advance,