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    Problems about deployment of Tableau Server

    CHEN Junxian

      Hi, all!


      I'm a newbie of Tableau Server, even of any server things. Our group wants to deploy Tableau Server 9.0 to do analysis on data with a volume of more than 10 million rows. The deployment will be just among the group of about ten person. But we wish to embed tableau views and workbooks on the webpage of our clients. they want to access tableau views with their current company account. In total, we may has more than 30 end users with less than ten concurrent users. I've read those whitepapers of Tableau with results of the scalability tests. But I am still not clear of following points:


      1. What are the minimum requirements for the server machine to meet my needs? 4 cores and 16GB RAM, or even more?


      2. We don't need high availability at this moment, so 1 node is enough?


      3. In the scalability whitepaper, they didn't mention which kind of database they used to do the test. That maybe because they used data extract mode, so databases don't matter. With a volume of more than ten million rows, it may be suffering to treat them with Excel, Access. Which kind of database should we try, Oracle, MySQL, or others?


      4. Access to tableau views with current company account can be realized if I configure trusted authentication between tableau server and their web server, right? But it is still required that they be licensed users of my tableau server, right?


      I hope that I've made myself clear.


      All help appreciated.