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    Upgrade Tableau 8.2 to 9 error

    Railey Abdullah

      Hi all,


      Im trying to upgrade my current Tableau server (8.2) to 9. The software were successfully installed however, all of the user list workbooks and group is missing. I try to create new group and user but it seems like all of the user and group is already there as I get an error message "This User already Exist" or "This Group Already Exist" but it not shown in the page' Please refer to the image below.


      as you can see it show that there are no group.

      Tableau error.PNG


      But when I try to create new groupTableau error1.PNG


      as you can see there are no user in the user list (Except Admin)


      Tableau error2.PNG




      but in my license tab it show that my license is fully utilized.


      Tableau error3.PNG


      all task and  schedules were migrated successfully as all my last  task (in previous version) is there


      Kindly advise what I can do to solve this issue


      I follow all of the upgrade checklist from 


      Tableau online site itself