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    dimension values not changing with live connection when hitting update now in the data source window

    david dansby

      Hey guys,


      I have been working with a live connection with my Microsoft SQL dataset and we had to change some values for a dimension.  After we ran the SQL code with the new values for that dimension variable I went into the data source window in my tableau file and hit update now.  This did not update the dimensions to what the new data set uses with the changes to SQL code.  Now I had my Tableau file open during the time I changed the SQL code and ran the SQL code to implement the change in the value of the dimension variable.  In order to get the change to the dimension variable to take effect in Tableau I had to close the Tableau file and then reopen it.  Only then was the change reflected in my Tableau file.  Is this is an issue with my live connection (although I did hit update automatically first, then I tried update now in the data source window) or do I have to always open and close my Tableau file when I make a change to the values of a dimension variable within SQL.


      I don't know if this question is detailed enough to understand but I hope it is.  Ask if I need to clarify more.  Thanks in advance for any help and/or information guys and girls.  I look forward to your responses!!!