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    Tableau Server freezes while using tabcmd "get" to automatically download 100+ reports as pdf

    Michael Hempowicz




      I am trying to automate a report download from Tableau Server 9.0 to PDF by using tabcmd in the command prompt with a batch file on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard machine (attached).



      The code works, however after 100-130 reports (of a needed ~200 reports), Tableau Server seems to freeze so that the next request would timeout rather than complete. To compound the matter, Tableau Server then stops responding to all other users who request reports or views (but navigating between projects, workbooks and view menus was unaffected). Restarting the server allows everyone to work normally again.



      Any idea what is causing Tableau Server to freeze and how I can fix it? I would like to try to use the tabcmd EXPORT command and see if it causes the same issues but I have not yet successfully implemented it.



      I based this off of a batch file provided by Zach Leber in another thread. I used a for /F loop to use a csv file that provided the parameters for a filter and the inputs needed for naming the PDF output file. Inside the loop was a tabcmd GET command that used the filter parameter to grab the report off of the server and download it to a local folder on the computer.



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