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    unable refresh the  extract through sync client

    ras ras

      hi guys

      i am trying to have a scheduled auto refresh for the data source on tableau online .at first, i connected to the db and made a data source then i did the extract and i published the data source.then i connected the published data source to my workbook and i published the workbook.i open the sync client and found the data source and went through tableau online and made the schedule for refreshing every 15 min.the "connection type" of my data source in tableau online is "microsoft sql server" .the problem is that the refresh is not done and every  15 min the time of "next refresh" changes but the time of "last refresh" does not change.in addition no refresh happen in my workbook .what is the problem?

      thank you all

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          Clara Siegel

          Hi Ras Ras -


          Thanks for your question, it sounds like you're doing it right, but I have one idea to check:


          Log into Tableau Online in a web browser, go to your data source, and the Refresh Schedule tab. In the top right corner of your browser window, you'll see the text "Refresh this extract on" . Click the button to the right of this text. The option "A computer on my network" should be selected, with your machine where you've logged into Sync chosen from the drop down. See step 4 here for an image.


          Let me know if that is the issue, hoping this helps!



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            ras ras

            hi clara

            thank you for response,how ever i already did what you suggested and the issue was not about that.

            i finally found the solution actually the dashboard was not connected to extracted data on tableau online.that was why

            the refresh was not done.

            any way it is appreciated.