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    FAQ:  Selection Summary Tooltip

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          Diego medrano

          Thanks for sharing! :-) Super useful as always (I love referencing these to people).

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            Thanks for sharing this with people. I love it when helpers do that 


            It would be even nicer if helpers also 1) created new collections and 2) added new questions, ideas, resources, and recommendations to existing FAQ collections and are Tableau Ambassadors & Community Staff hereby invited to do so.


            That said, maybe the next version of Jive makes it easier to make such collections, that is, makes it possible to tag questions and thus add them automatically to built-in FAQ lists!?


            I wonder if I need to assign permissions or if Ambassadors & Staff already can modify these FAQ collections?!

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Ambassadors (at least) have editing permissions for your post. I don't know about the wider community. I'll start thinking about things that might be useful to add. But don't let me mess up your excellent information structure.