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    Getting issues while configuring tableau

    pankaj kabra

      I am trying to connect tableau with the salesforce canvas as per the documentation.

      I have created pages and followed the things as mentioned in the doc but while rendering opportunity detail page i am getting this error.

      See the screenshot attached.

      I believe i am doing something wrong from configuration part/setting parameters.

      Let me know what else i should post to get the proper support.

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          Dan Heinz

          you are missing  a setting in your Sparkler.xml file. The '(SET ME)' string should be replaced with the correct value whatever  that may be.

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            Arun Yadav

            Hi Dan Heinz,


            I'm also trying to configure sparkler.xml. I am stuck at the same place,getting the below error message on sparkler status page.


            [invalid value - check startup logs


            Attached is the screenshot.I am not clear with what information/format should I use in sparkler.xml in the below mentioned field.


            <!-- Options to map from SF user identity to Tableau Server user name -->

            <Environment override="false" type="java.lang.String" value="{SET ME}"  name="sparkler.sfdc.userIdentifierField"/>


            Is the below entry correct ?


            <Environment override="false" type="java.lang.String" value="email.user:abc@xyz.com" name="sparkler.sfdc.userIdentifierField"/>



            Any help in this issue will be much appreciated.