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    If I enable Guest user, will it add Guest user permissions to all views by default?

    drew k

      I am not the Tableau Server admin, but I am looking for a better way to distribute my workbooks within my company. Currently, we have a core-based license of Tableau Server with a single site that can, naturally, only be accessed by employees that have a user account on the server. I am imploring my admin to enable the Guest user option so that I can embed my views and allow them to be viewed by a larger audience. Our predicament is that there are also contractor employees on the same network and we do not want them to be able to see these views. However, from my understanding, this is a non-issue as enabling Guest users will only give developers the option of adding Guest user to their permissions list for embedded views. Please correct me if I'm wrong: Enabling Guest user will NOT add Guest user permissions to all views by default. Developers would have to go into their permissions settings for each view and explicitly add Guest user to the permissions list. I plan to embed my views on private Sharepoint sites that can only be accessed by company employees, so I believe that will shield their access sufficiently.


      Any help would be much appreciated.