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    Passing UID/PWD to the Workbook's data Source

    Venkat Visvanathan



      I have 2 questions


      Question 1

      How can tableau pass the UID/PWD of the current logged in user in the Tableau application to the datasource?


      In this case I am using a Postgres Source (Denodo) and based on the UID/PWD Denodo will return the DataSets based on the visibility rules. Thins of it similar to MS-SQL database where we can pass NT UID/PWD.


      Question 2

      How can a web Application embed a Tableau chart in its application by passing the user credentials?


      Both the questions are related in a sense where I am embedding a chart in one of my web applications that used LDAP Authentication and the same LDAP is used by Tableau and again the same LDAP is authenticating access to Denodo.


      I need to pass the userid/pwd to denodo so that Denodo can apply the Data Visibility rules.



      Venkat V