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    Educational Brain Teaser: Change the transparency of a reference band

    Simon Runc

      ...It's Friday...So it's Brain Teaser Time ...


      Here is the original post...


      "I've created a chart that uses reference bands to split it into five sections. Each of the sections has an appropriate colour, but they are too vibrant. Changing the actual colour to be closer to white is no good, as this makes the colours look off.


      So, is it possible to change the transparency of reference bands? In think because it is a fill and not a line it could be a problem."

      Ref Bands - No Trans.JPG

      Ref Bands - With Trans.JPG


      Usual rules apply....A starter workbook is attached (8.2). I'll add the solution I came up with next week, although you can see what I came up with here Can you change the transparency of a reference band?

      Please add a comment below (without spoilers, please) with how difficult you found this, ranking from 1 (easy) to 5 (extremely difficult or impossible).

      btw kettan I've added to the Brain Teaser Hub.

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