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    Publishing updates to a workbook on Tableau Server

    Benjamin Kuhn

      Hi all,


      I'm a site admin on an internal Tableau server that we are using to publish several workbooks and dashboards. The workbooks/dashboards are occasionally modified to add/remove views or make other minor changes. To reflect the changes on the server, I upload the modified workbook to the server, using the same filename as the existing workbook. When I upload an updated version of an existing workbook to the server, about half the time I get a popup window saying ‘This filename already exists, do you want to overwrite this file?’ (to which I answer 'yes', and everything is gravy). The other half of the time I get no popup, and when I go on the server there are two workbooks side-by-side with the same filename. At first I thought there was some whitespace somewhere, so the filenames weren’t exactly the same, but I don’t think this is the case. I usually delete the older workbook, leaving the updated one.

      I thought this was a good enough solution until I started hearing from my users that their existing hyperlinks to the dashboards were no longer working. Upon investigation, I discovered that the updated workbooks had slightly different URLs than the older ones. It seems that Tableau is internally appending '_0' to the new workbooks to distinguish them from the existing ones with the same filename, but not displaying the '_0' to me.

      So for example, I upload 'Workbook1' to the server. The URL to share the workbook is:


      which I share with my users.

      Then, a week later, I change something about the workbook and to update it on the server I reupload Workbook1. Workbook1 appears on the server (with name Workbook1) and the previous Workbook1 is also there. I delete the old Workbook1 to eliminate confusion, so there is now only one Workbook1. However, when I go to Workbook1 and click on 'Share', the URL is now:


      My users can no longer access the workbook using their old URLs. To reiterate, this doesn't happen every time I upload an update, about half the time, it correctly overwrites the existing file.

      Is there any way to correct this behavior, or is there a better way to update existing workbooks than the one I am using?


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          Paul Moran

          Hi Benjamin,


          The characters _0 are Tableau Server's way of differentiating workbooks with the same name published to multiple projects in Tableau Server.


          When publishing a workbook to Tableau Server, the workbook is saved to a specific site. All workbooks in any project on the site are saved in the same location, so a unique name is required for each workbook.


          With the above in mind please make sure that when updating existing workbooks you are publishing the updated workbook to the same Project in Tableau Server that holds the existing workbook.



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            Benjamin Kuhn

            Hi Paul, thanks for the response. I have occasionally published to the wrong project, and then had to move the workbook after it's been published, but I'm fairly certain the problem I described above has happened even when I upload to the correct project (the one already containing the workbook with the same filename). Nevertheless, I guess I'll have to pay closer attention and if the problem does recur when publishing to the same project I'll have to check back in. Thanks again.