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    Is there guidelines for naming Tableau datasources?

    Kensaku Yamashita


      I have to prepare a lot of data sources in our Tableau server.

      So I want to know the naming rule of the Tableau data source in advanced.

      (limit of name lengths and the allowed characters).

      Is there any information about this?


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          Rody Zakovich

          Hello Kensaku,


          I have looked online for examples on this topic, but did not have much luck in finding anything.


          The only documentation on naming conventions is related to Tableau Objects (Parameters, Measures, Row Shelf, etc.)


          As a rule of thumb (At my office), I am a big fan of descriptive names for datasources. I find it easier to maintain and remember where things are, when I explicitly list it. Also, this can depend on your company's naming conventions/definitions.


          [Source Server]_[Database_Excel Name]_[Single Table/View/Stored Procedure/Multi Table Join]_[Name of Table(s)/View/Stored Procedure/]_[Brief Description of Data]_[Security Level]


          An example of this could be




          Here I know that the Datasource is coming from my Production Server and my Customer Database, I know that this is a View, as well as its name. The data is related to Customer Activity [This goes back to your company's definitions. We define Customer Activity as Signups, Cancellations, Reactivations and Lifespan]. As well as the Security Level [In this case 1, which means everyone has access to it].


          This may seem like overkill, but it makes things easier in the long run. I know exactly where to go in my Database to check the source data. In addition, when I re-use this Datasource for multiple workbooks, I can easily identify the type of data that is contained in it, and who should have access to it.


          This is just an example of what I do, but I'm sure other people do things differently. I think at the end of the day it comes down to your business, and organizational style.




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            Kensaku Yamashita

            Thank you Rody.

            Your advise is so helpful for us.

            I am going to label our DataSouce its explanation.


            I have checked if  Tableau accepts very long name in case.

            Therefor I trust My explanation can use as DataSouce name on Tableau.




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              Thomas Gauthier

              My organization is just starting with Tableau (we don't even have any users on our Tableau server yet), and we were told by a consultant that we should have a naming convention for everything and that we should use underscores instead of spaces 'due to scripting for legacy applications'. I personally feel like Tableau is for end users and that if they see underscores, then they're a lot more likely to think 'this is way too technical for me' than if the underscores were replaced by spaces. What is your experience with your naming convention? Have end users said anything about things looking too technical? Have you had to do any scripting such that the lack of spaces could have been useful, or is there so few scripts needed that we probably don't need to worry about that?