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    What to expect at user conference

    Allison Berry

      Hello!  I will be attending my first user conference this year and wanted to know what to expect.  Any thoughts, ideas, etc. would be very appreciated since I want to get the most out of the conference as possible/



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          This has everything you need to know: http://tc15.tableau.com/


          You can also sign up for email updates at the bottom of that webpage to stay up to date.

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            John Kuo



            Good to hear you're attending TC15! Stay rested and hydrated as it will be an action packed experience. Something that customers love is "Tableau Doctor" where you can meet a product expert (by appointment or walk-up) and work on an issue you have.


            From tc15.tableau.com:



            Get face-to-face with Tableau experts who can help you solve your greatest viz quandaries. Book 30-minute, one-on-one appointments on-site and try to stump your doctor on best practices, a perplexing scatter plot, or a troublesome table calculation. If you can't schedule the perfect time to see a doctor, walk-in appointments will also be available.



            Have just a quick question? This year for the first time we are offering a Tableau Doctor Minute Clinic, found in the Data Lounge in the Expo Hall. Bring your viz hang ups over for a quick fix. No appointment necessary.




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              Melissa Schuurman

              What do we have to bring to the Tableau Doctor?  Would a USB with our data and workbooks or packaged workbooks be accepted?  Or should I bring a laptop?

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                Joe Oppelt

                Last year they had a session on Monday afternoon for first-timers.  I assume they'll have that again.  If so, go to it.


                Each day there will be an AM session with a keynote speaker of some sort that everyone attends.  Go to them.


                After that, throughout the day, there are hundreds of breakout sessions.  Before you go, you should look at all of them and decide which ones you want to attend.  Attend as many or as few as you want.  (Go to as many as you can.)  Many sessions are offered multiple times throughout the week, so don't panic if you can't get to the first one offered.  You will have to "triage" which one you prefer when multiple sessions you want to attend are offered at the same time.  But always have a backup session ready in case you get to your first choice and it's already filled up.  (Yes, many of them fill up -- and quickly.)

                Consider mapping out a series of sessions offered in the same general locations.  That way your travel time from session-1 to session-2 won't cause you to get squeezed out if your next one is a popular one.


                Breakfast is offered every day.  Unless something is different this year, it's included in the price of your registration.

                Ditto lunch.  And there are food stations and beverage stations throughout the facility, throughout the day.  On the house.


                You will come home weighign 5 pounds more than when you left.


                There are also suites and meetups and gatherings of all sorts so you can connect with people you may know by name but have never met in person.


                Oh, and if it is run like it was last year, DO NOT LOSE YOUR BADGE.  It is the key to getting into breakfast and sessions and keynotes and parties and ...

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                  John Kuo

                  Don't forget to download TC15 app, you'll need it to sign up for sessions I believe.


                  Data15 Mobile App | Tableau Conference 2015

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                    Ciara Brennan

                    Old thread, but moving over to the Tableau Conference board ...


                    Tableau Conference


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