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    Tableau online vs Tableau server

    Naquiyah Cash

      Hi All


      For the life of me I am unable to after reading numerous whitepapers and forums understand the actual difference between server and online.


      In our company we have a handful of Desktop 9.0 licenses and a handful of server licenses installed on a server we bought.


      Scenario -


      We are now considering sharing these workbooks that are refreshed to a live SQL connection on a schedule to more internal colleagues and create some for our external clients to share. Ofcourse there is a security level detail involved here where the data can only be available to the user the permission is granted to. I have heard online licenses are cheaper compared to server so why not use online then? I downloaded the trial version today and the UI seems real similar to the server UI. Is there something I am missing?


      Anyone have any documentation on this is what server can and that online can't and vice versa? I just can't seem to process why there is this price difference if the functionality is the same?