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    Pull all the Tableau Workbook / Datasource metadata

    Mike Roberts

      Every wanted to pull every bit of metadata out of your Tableau workbooks and/or data sources? We’re talking about:



      • Field names / captions
      • Site(s) name(s)
      • Custom SQL / Tables / Filenames
      • Formulas from calculated fields
      • Data Types
      • Role (dimension or measure)
      • Current Date (used for historical purposes)



      This might be useful for situations in which one needs to audit database tables, search for formula changes, recover from the dreaded copy/paste = ‘Invalid Calculation’ error,  or to simply give users the ability to search for fields which may contain some common dimension. Once they find the field(s) they need, they’re connected with the workbook/datasource.



      Here’s the script: https://github.com/ps-data/ps-analytics-public/blob/master/GetTableauMetaData



      Some tips:

      • If you have multiple sites, this splits them into two groups: 1.) the Default and 2.) the Others
      • It works on Tableau server data sources and workbooks separately (since workbooks won’t always contain only Tableau data sources)
      • We use this like so: restore previous nights backup to a dev/stage machine and run the script there and not on your production box