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    Tab Jolt Error - response code 600 'failed to finish view...'

    Peter Gilks

      I have got Tab Jolt up and running now, but every run is erroring out. i can't see anything wrong with the configuration - we've done everything as per the instructions.


      Has anyone successfully managed to deal with these errors?



      Test NameReponse CodeResponse Message5
      Interact Viz Test600Failed to finish View Viz Test. Workbook: UKExampleDashboard; View: SpotifyArtistDashboard; IsPublic: false; TopViews: null; Exception: java.lang.Exception: Invalid VQL response from server after performing FilterInteraction interaction. Response: {"vqlCmdResponse":{"layoutStatus":{"active_tab": "Spotify Artist Dashboard","isViewModified": false,"undoPosition": 0,"urlActionList":[],"vizStateList":[],"legacyMenus":[{"legacyMenuName": "viewdata","legacyMenuStates":["visible"]},{"legacyMenuName": "exportimage","legacyMenuStates":["visible"]},{"legacyMenuName": "exportdata","legacyMenuStates":["visible"]},{"legacyMenuName": "exportcrosstab","legacyMenuStates":["visible"]},{"legacyMenuName": "print","legacyMenuStates":["visible"1


      Here's what the vizpool looks like