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    Tabjolt 100% error rate while running a test load - Response Code 600: Failed to finish View Viz Test

    Laurent Ollivier

      First of all, I am fairly new to Tableau Server technology and I apologize if I don't use the correct technical terms or if I write too much irrelevant details.


      I have 100% error rate while running a test load and when comparing the number of samples and the number of errors thrown.

      Please see attached jpg named OutputTest



      1st server running Tabjolt with

      - Tableau Desktop Version 9.0.0

      - Java v8 update 51 (x64)

      - Postgres v9.4

      - Server Windows Server 2008 SP2, 12GB RAM and 4 vCPUs


      2nd server running Tableau Server Version 9.0.0 on Server Windows Server 2008 SP2, 22GB RAM and 4 vCPUs


      Both server are on the same AD domain.


      Following the guide included with Tabjolt, here are some configuration settings:

      - enabled collection of JMX metrics on Tableau Server and uncommented the lines in c:\tabjolt\config\dataretriver.config

      - enabled Readonly user on the Tableau Server with a specific password and changed C:\tabjolt\config\ServerTestConfig.yaml accordingly.

      - did not enable Windows metrics

      - Please note that our URL has been modified from the default /#/views/ into /#/site/id number/views.

      However, with vizpool.csv containing /views/CompanyNameDashboard/CorporateView/30 the test starts.

      If I use /site/id number/views/CompanyNameDashboard/CorporateView/30 the test won't start. So I think vizpool.csv is correct here.

      vizpool.csv contains only 1 line.

      - I can also view the result in Tableau Desktop after selecting a Run ID.


      I have tried the following tests:

      C:\tabjolt>go --t=testplans\InteractVizLoadTest.jmx --d=30 --c=1

      C:\tabjolt>go --t=testplans\InteractVizLoadTest.jmx --d=120 --c=5

      C:\tabjolt>go --t=testplans\ViewVizLoadTest.jmx --d=60 --c=5

      C:\tabjolt>go --t=testplans\TestResults.jmx --d=30 --c=1


      In the result JTL file of C:\tabjolt\results\2015-07-20_13-56-08 folder, I can see over and over again the same thing. I have attached the file named result.jtl.

      Short extract of the file content:

      rm="Failed to finish View Viz Test. Workbook: CompanyNameDashboard; View: CorporateView; IsPublic: false; TopViews: null; Exception: java.lang.Exception: Invalid resp body when calling setSheetId!" tn="InteractVizThreadGroup 1-1" dt="" by="0" ng="1" na="1">

      rm="done with initializing view session null." tn="InteractVizThreadGroup 1-1" dt="" by="1509" ng="0" na="0"/>

      rm="Timer did not end properly. SubResult EndTime is 0." tn="InteractVizThreadGroup 1-1" dt="" by="0" ng="0" na="0"/>


      When viewing the results in Tableau Desktop, and selecting the tab (might not be the right technical term, sorry) named "Test Failures" at the bottom of the window, I see the Response Code 600 for the error and the response message:

      "Failed to finish View Viz Test. Workbook: CompanyNameDashboard; View: CorporateView; IsPublic: false; TopViews: null; Exception: java.lang.Exception: Server returned unexpected response code 404 during initSession"


      As troubleshooting steps taken:

      - No firewall and telnet confirmed that all relevant ports (9400, 9401, etc...) are opened.

      - I have change some settings in the ServerTestConfig.yaml file in C:\tabjolt\config such as the Tableau Server host name: tried with its name, tried with its IP address, tried adding /#site/id number/ (because of the modified URL, as mentionned above)

      - In the same file, I changed the user !!com.tableausoftware.test.server.configuration.User, and tested I could connect open a session with it and access the Dashboard listed in the vizpool.csv file.

      - I disabled JMX metrics.


      In addition, there is already a thread about this error, but it's going nowhere: http://community.tableau.com/thread/170977


      Thanks for helping out.

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