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    Tableau Consulting

    Maureen Dodroe



      Do any of you recommend a consulting firm to help Visit Spokane get started with Tableau.  Not necessarily for training on the dashboard preparation or visualizations, but to help us connect to our third party data base vendor (simpleview), google analytics and other sources in order to extract data for use in Tableau?  I'm sending RFPs for this service in the next few weeks.  Any recommendations you have would be helpful.


      Thanks!  Maureen

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          Corey Turner



          I haven't heard of any Tableau consulting firms in the area, but connecting to data is really quite easy with Tableau.

          There is a native Google Analytics connection in Tableau Desktop. Are you having trouble just connecting to your data? Or, are you needing help with understanding the data available in Google Analytics?


          Regarding Simpleview... there is not a native connection for this, you may need to work with simpleview to see if they can provide you access to your data via export or ODBC.



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            Todd Hoffman

            Hi Maureen,

            I know some one that may be able to help you.


            Please give me a call to discuss.


            Todd Hoffman