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    YTD ratio difference

    daniel lim



      Please find the attached work book for following question.


      There is 2 main index which are revenue and logistics cost.

      With those two, I developed 'logistics ratio' and 'YTD logistics ratio' with 'edit shelf' function.

      (As long as I know, 'YTD total' table calculation is not applied for ratio wise index.)


      I would like to compare YTD logis ratio against previous year, similar as logistics cost 'YTD growth'.

      In the work book, the value for May 2015 should be 1.54% (=11.54%-10.00%)


      Of course, normal table calculation of YTD growth for 'logis %' doesn't give me correct answer, which just gives me 'SUM of calculated ratio gap'.


      But I couldn't find a way to solve problem. How can I make it?


      Please help.


      Thanks and regards,