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    Tableau 9.0 - Quick Filter Issues

    Michael Shin

      We recently upgraded our Tableau server from Tableau 8 to Tableau 9 and we have been observing strange behavior with quick filters on a dashboard.

      On Tableau 9 server, sometimes the quick filters are not populated with values and, in the rare occasion, populated with values from a different dimension. When viewing the report on Tableau 9 desktop, the quick filters are populated with values but, when I view the same report on Tableau 9 server, sometimes the quick filters display "No Items."

      I viewed the performance record on the server and it shows that it executed the query to populate the values for the quick filter. If I run the same query directly on our database, it returns the correct values, which suggests that there is an issue with rendering the quick filters.


      Is there any known issues with quick filters on Tableau 9 server? What would be the root cause as to why it wasn't populating values in the quick filters?

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          Evan Lu

          Hi Michael,


          While I personally haven't experienced any issues with quick filter population after upgrading from server 8 to 9, have you guys tried republishing the workbook using Tableau Desktop 9? Also, is this problem perhaps specific to a certain browser, or even just certain users? That could tell if the problem is localized somewhere or if it's a higher level Tableau Server issue overall.

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            Michael Shin

            I have been publishing the workbook using Tableau Desktop 9. I have tried both Chrome and IE and both exhibit the same issue. It is also happening to multiple users. The issue happens more often when I am using context filters. If I don't use context filters, it does not happen as often.


            Also, before in Tableau 8, using context filters would make Tableau create temporary tables on the database to query from. In Tableau 9, however, I noticed that temporary tables are not being created even though context filters are applied. Does Tableau 9 not create temporary tables anymore with context filters?

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              Ken Patton

              So exactly which version of Tableau Server is it ? 9.0.0 , 9.0.1, 9.0.2, or 9.0.3 ?  What data source(s) types are used in the Workbooks for which you see this behavior? (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata .... )


              You may want to get Tableau Support involved since you've already troubleshot the query bit. There was a bug fix noted in the Release Notes for Action Filters, but I don't recall seeing one for Quick Filters.

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                Archana N

                We(I am Michael's colleague) are using Tableau 9.0.3 connecting to Greenplum data base. We have raised a ticket with Tableau - waiting for their response.

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                  Michael Shin

                  The issue has been resolved. We found that we should be using a different port number for the data connection. Once we switched to use the correct port number, we have not seen any issues with the quick filters.