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    Page shelf date does not increment to latest data

    John Marucci

      Set Up: We use a performance month date variable to keep the past 14 months of data in various datasets. This is done using the relative date feature. All our data are TDE'd to Tableau server and we have scheduled monthly data refreshes from Tableau server pulling from an Oracle instance. This all works great. TDEs are refreshed and workbooks have the latest data without touching anything. We use the same Performance Month date variable to allow users to page between months on dashboards. This Performance Month variable sits on the Page shelf and the control is pulled into the dashboard as a single slider. This also works great.


      Problem: When the TDEs on Tableau server are refreshed with the new month's data (pulled from Oracle and scheduled refreshed completes) the page control based on Performance Month stays on the prior performance month. The user can get confused as the Tableau server workbook now has new data, but page controls are still set to prior month settings.


      Current workaround: The only way we can see how to fix this is to open each workbook in desktop and change all the page controls manually to the latest Performance Month, then republish.


      If there is a way to set a date field used in the page shelf to default to the latest data, it would be great to know, and would save much time and confusion.