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    Refreshing multiple data sources with one batch file

    Felix Curran



      I've been running into this problem fairly frequently, but with no real pattern with when it occurs or what it happens to.


      I refresh around 250 data sources on Tableau Server each night using Task Scheduler with batch files for each workbook and txt files for each data source. The problem is that every once and a while, a handful of data sources don't get refreshed. It's not the same ones failing each time, it seems completely random.


      The below image shows how I find the data sources on Tableau Server, (notice the one in the middle with a last refreshed time of yesterday). All of those middle ten or so data sources are refreshed using the same Task Scheduler job, and the same batch file. So why did that one random data source choose not to be refreshed?

      Refresh Glitch.png

      See the below three images for examples of the Task Scheduler, batch files, and config files respectively:


      Refresh Glitch Task Scheduler.png


      Refresh Glitch Batch File.png


      Refresh Glitch Config File.png


      If anyone can help me with this, that would be great!


      Thanks in advance.




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