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    Google Spreadsheet Connector

    Daniel Leventhal

      In the most recent examples, we included a new Google Spreadsheet Connector. While our previous connector only let you download the data from published sheets, this one lets you login to your Google account and download any sheet you have access to.


      This connector uses Google's oAuth for authentication. It specifically comes with a client ID associated with my account (please don't abuse it!). For the oAuth authentication to work, you need to host and access the WDC at this path: http://localhost:8888/GoogleSheetsConnector.html . That path is important, because that is where Google expects the authentication request to come from and where it will redirect you after you login.


      If you want to host the Google Sheets Connector somewhere else, you'll need to use your own API keys which you can create here: https://console.developers.google.com/. Then swap out the client ID at the top of the GoogleSheetsWDC.js file with your own