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    Automating tableau server 9.x restores

    Brian Gillette

      We are trying to automate our tableau server restores so
      that our backup server always has the latest backup restored to it and ready to


      We have the two scripts below which work fine when
      manually executed while logged onto the server. The first script is a simple
      windows batch file - as depicted in the tableau admin manual. This works fine
      if we run it manually. However if we schedule it with the windows 2012 server
      task scheduler, the job runs for a few seconds and completes as successful,
      but the backup is not restored. There are no error messages. 


      The 2nd script is a windows powershell script that also
      run fine when manually executed while logged into the server. However, when we
      schedule this to run with the windows 2012 server task scheduler, it runs but
      never completes and stays in the windows task scheduler with a status of
      "running" until it is manually cancelled. And the backup is not

      We have tried to run the restores both as the tableau
      run-as service account as well as trying it with a normal user id who is an
      administrator on the server. Both have the same results.


      Anyone else run into this issue or have any suggestions?


      BAT script  

      tabadmin restore --no-config
      E:\Tableau_backups\tableau_server_backup_nightly_restore.tsbak --password-file


      powershell script         

      Start-Process 'E:\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.0\bin\tabadmin.exe' "restore
      --no-config E:\Tableau_backups\tableau_server_backup_nightly_restore.tsbak
      --password-file E:\Tableau_Maintenance_scripts\tableau_restore_password.txt"

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          Matt Coles

          We do this as well. I have had to troubleshoot the Windows Scheduled tasks quite a bit, and they generally suck in that regard since they don't generally give you much to go off of. A couple things I would recommend:


          Check the Windows Event Log. Sometimes the Task will actually tell you what the problem was (not usually though).


          Ensure you're capturing the script output and all the command output properly. Add additional logging lines in the script if you need to and dump them to a text file, to see where it stops / fails / hangs.


          You can also try running the script manually, under the run-as account, with the "runas" command. That can help in simulating the Scheduled Task.

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            Shankar Narayanan SGS

            Hi Brian


            Make sure you have given proper run as account that has admin access to the server. Usual recommendation is to use the Service account (if you have any) and as Matt Coles suggested write logs to find out where its breaking . Not a recommendation but I tried other third party Schedulers and it happenes to get things done, one thing to look for is Schedule Manager - Automation - CodeCaged. There are lot more free tools, Again not particular recommendation from my end.


            Happy Fixing!


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              Brian Gillette

              thanks - we had a service account setup, and had asked our IT Security group to allow it to have logon locally rights to the server, however, it turned out they did not setup the service account with these priviliges..only logn as a service privileges. we were runnng the restore under the service account, and it didn't have the correct privilges. However, no errors even in the windows event viewer on this, so was difficult to track down.