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    Materialized column behaviour on desktop vs server

    Robin Schouten van der Velden



      I've got an issue with some workbooks with data extracts. These workbooks are created using a Tableau server data source which is a sql server connection on the server (so not a data extract on the server itself). There are some expensive row level string calculations with a lot of case statements and ifs, but they have been materialised in the extract on server. So the workbook is running fine on desktop.


      When I upload this workbook to the Tableau server, it still works fine, but the extract is on a overnight refresh schedule and the next day the workbook takes ages to load. If I download the workbook, optimize the extract on desktop and reupload it again, it works fine till the next day.


      We're running 8.3.3, however we're also running a test server with 9.0.3 and the behaviour is similar. I'm wondering if there is a different complexity limit for columns to be materialized on server vs desktop, as other workbooks with less complex string calculations seem to work fine.


      Thanks in advance for any help