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    Salesforce Tableau Heroku Integration setup error

    Paul Deschenes

      We are getting the following error when trying to access  a  Tableau dashboard in Salesforce:


      https://bitemp.propanecouncil.org/javascripts/api/viz_v1.js net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED Error When trying to access dashboard


      I am trying to embed Tableau dashboards in Salesforce using the Force.com Canvas framework. Canvas is Salesforce framework for integrating third party apps into Salesforce.  We are following the instructions provided by Tableau in the Sparkler Canvas documentation.


      We have accomplished the following steps




      Installed Tableau Sparkler on Heroku

      Setup the config variables

      Deployed the Sparkler app on Heroku




      Created Connected App name 'Sparker' 

      Filled in configuration  variables to connect to Heroku 'Sparkler'

      Created Salesforce Consumer Secret Key for the connected app.

      Updated the App administration setup to permitted users

      Exported the Consumer Secret Key to Heroku 'Sparkler' app so it can connect to Salesforce

      Verified that the app is recognized by Salesforce by running the Canvas App Previewer





      Created a visualforce to display the test dashboard

      Set Tableau variables to locate Tableau Server URL; Dashboard Name; Tableau Site Root

      Embedded Visualforce Page into Account Layout