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    Creating an extract with a list of clients filter - Row level security needed

    Naquiyah Cash



      Tableau desktop and server version 9.0


      I created a live connection on Tableau desktop. Published the live connection to the server. I then opened up another desktop and connected to this data that is live on the server.


      Created my visualizations and I now need to send this report as a .twbx to one client who has 2,000 IDs. To filter and extract that client data out what is the best approach you believe? Whilst extracting the data I tried to add a custom list filter however this does not allow me to add a list of IDs and doing this individually will be crazy.




      • I need to be cautious to not have any other client data in there.
      • This will be a monthly report sent out to them. So will have to have the extract refresh on a monthly basis.


      FYI Jeff Strauss