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    RunAs account constantly accessing network file?

    Alex Lea



      I'm having problems modifying an Excel file on our network that is connected to a dashboard on Server.


      I've created a dashboard linked to the Excel file on a part of the network that the RunAs account has access to, and is connected via the UNC.


      I've published the dashboard to Server, unchecking "Include External Files" and setting the refresh to weekdays at 4am.


      Everything looks fine, the dashboard opens okay and the data source details all look great.


      However, when I try to edit the original Excel data source, it can't save the changes as it says the file is currently in use, even though no other users are accessing it. I've also tried extracting the data, publishing the Extract to Server and using that instead, but the error still appears. I've tried removing all the relevant files on Server and the network and rebooting my PC but the problem is still there.

      It seems like the RunAs account is constantly accessing the Excel file, which is odd. Our ICT team have sorted out the RunAs account, so I don't know how it's been set up, but I can go back to them for more info as necessary.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?