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    Embed tableau viz in Salesforce WITHOUT Canvas Adapter

    M Gottlieb

      We are trying to embed a tableau viz in a Salesforce Visual force page using the standard Tableau Javascript API and trusted authentication.

      We need to do this as we need to display different workbooks and pass in parameters specific to the data that is available on force.com


      We are having problems displaying the viz even though it works outside of force.com. One of the errors we received is

      Viz resize limit hit. The calculated iframe size did not stabilize after 10 resizes


      I assume its possible to do this or does one HAVE to use Canvas Adapter?

      If I have to use adapter is it possible to render a dashboard dynamically on a VF page, ie my controller would need to determine which Viz to display and which params to pass to Tableau. This is for a Tableau server and NOT tableau online.


      Please can someone advise.


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          I realize this question is a couple of months old now.  But the specific error message you are receiving can be fixed by specify the view size in the embed code.


          If using Trusted Authentication the Canvas adapter will be needed.  The canvas adapter will not be needed if using SAML to single sign-on to both Salesforce and Tableau Server.


          I hope that clears things up.