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    changing from live to extract

    Naquiyah Cash

      Hi TabGs


      I was wondering if someone knew this.


      I created a live connection to MySQL and shared this on the tableau server. (Both hardwares is on 9.0). I created a dashboard on this connection however its a little on the slow side so am thinking of extracting this and having the extract refresh on tableau server so that this connection is faster.


      Firstly any thoughts on this approach? and secondly how can I change a live connection on the server to an extract without creating a whole new sql join and extracting that to be refreshed on the server?


      Naquiyah Cash

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          Jeff Strauss

          your approach has high merits as the often the data extracts local to the Tableau server deployment will be more responsive than a live connection.


          to change to an extract will require a re-publish of the workbook from Tableau desktop.  Either you can create a whole new datasource and then do a replace data source Replacing a Data Source | Tableau Software or probably the more preferred way is to right click on the datasource within Tableau desktop and then click on extract and set any applicable filters to pull the proper result set into the extract.  And then go re-publish it.

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            Naquiyah Cash

            Thanks Jeff Strauss


            I am extracting the datasource (which will be extracting from tableau server where the live connection was published) trying this for the whole workbook as we speak Will let you know how this goes.


            I have a question that continues with the last para you inserted. I need to send this report as a .twbx to one client who has 2,000 IDs. To filter that client data out what is the best approach you believe? Whilst extracting the data I tried to add a custom list filter however this does not allow me to add a list of IDs and doing this individually will be crazy.


            Let me know if you believe I should split this question and create a new one for better searches by others.





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              Jeff Strauss

              I think what you are referring to is row level security.  I have a post somewhere else on this.  Split off to it's own question and I will try to find the old post.

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                Naquiyah Cash

                Hi  Jeff Strauss


                So I created the extract but have some questions


                • Normally when I create the extract on my desktop I then publish it to server and have the extract refresh at a set frequency. Incremental and full. As this connection was taken from the server that was connected live to MySQL and not a connection to MySQL directly it seems to look like I cannot publish this for the scheduled refresh?
                • Whilst creating the extract I selected the incremental refresh box on the date. Does this mean it will refresh automatically on my desktop? or the server? and if so when?
                • Or is the best option after the extract to now publish this workbook to server and there I would set the scheduled time?


                Sorry for sounding daft I'm just trying to understand how this particular situation on this type of extract works.



                Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.17.49 PM.png





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                  Jeff Strauss

                  when you publish the workbook, then the dialog should provide an option as to how you want to refresh it. 




                  Selecting incremental denotes that the first time you extract it will be a full refresh, and each subsequent time will be based on the max date/time that you have chosen and it will import data starting with this max date.




                  The schedule that you choose upon publishing can later be updated on the server if you have rights.