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    July Tableau User Group meeting coming up! Register now!

    Marc-Paul Lee

      For our next meeting we’re trying something completely different! Tableau is sponsoring (or inciting) a War of the TUGs.  It will be us against every other TUG out there.  They will provide the data and we have to create a great viz from it.  Fortunately we have a great chapter that’s ready to take on the challenge.

      The meeting will be divided into two halves.  In the first half we’ll distribute the dataset, divide up into teams and work independently designing our vizzes.  Each team will be lead by one of our own Tableau Masters.  For anyone new to Tableau this will be a great chance to learn some advanced techniques and everyone can contribute their ideas on how to attack the contest data. In fact, we're starting early with a "pre-meeting" from 1-2:30 to get acquainted with the data.  If you want to come early then come on down!

      In the second half of the meeting each team will present their vizzes and then we’ll collectively vote on the best ideas to incorporate into our contest submissions.  We can submit up to three vizzes.

      You asked for more interactivity, hands-on training and networking and this will be a great opportunity for everyone to learn from each other.  Even if you're not a Tableau expert we're looking for good ideas to analyze and present the data.  You will definitely want to bring your laptop for this special meeting.


      Register here!