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    Multiple workbooks in 1 email?

    Joe Jones

      I'd like to send 3 workbooks in 1 email. They should be embedded images and not PDFs.

      Is this possible? If not, are there any workarounds?

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          Hey Joe,


          How are these emails being sent? Are you referring to subscriptions? If so, it is 1 workbook per subscription email but you're welcome to create a feature request in our Ideas section!

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            Joe Jones

            Yes, the goal is to create an email subscription with multiple workbooks in 1 email.


            Every night, I want to send an email called "End of Day Report" which contains 10 dashboards spread across 5-10 workbooks. Today, I use "Import workbook" to combine all workbooks into one. But that creates one large, unwieldy workbook. It would be better if the email subscriptions could use content from multiple workbooks.

            That's my workaround. Would you solve it differently?

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              goutham vangala

              Use the interworks tool workbook for tableau....combine all the dashboard into 1 it may help u

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                Mark Fraser

                Hi Joe


                First - there is already an idea you can vote for >> http://community.tableau.com/ideas/4746

                You may also like this idea: http://community.tableau.com/ideas/2394


                If you are using Tableau Server you could use the tabcmd in conjunction with some 3rd party tools to get what you need but its still tricky. tabcmd Commands

                You can create images of each worksheet via tabcmd, save them to a specified location

                Use blat (or another command line mailer) to attach the png images, outputted in the step above, and send to end users.

                Do both of these steps inside a batch file which you can schedule via Windows Task Scheduler, or run manually.


                Here is a very basic example:


                @ECHO OFF

                ECHO Processing.....

                cd /D C:\

                cd C:\tabcmd\Command Line Utility

                tabcmd logout

                tabcmd login -s http://ourserver.com -u mark --password-file pwd.txt

                tabcmd export .....

                tabcmd logout

                ECHO ON


                That's what I do... except I PDF them, add logos, page numbers etc (using PDF Editor) then email via blat.


                Hope that helps!


                PS. personally I find the whole subscription via Server, bad. I hope its radically overhauled.




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                  Joe Jones

                  That's a nice workaround Mark. 

                  I agree this could be overhauled. Your workaround is clever. But for the masses (which is Tableau's market), it would better if Tableau Online had better email capabilities, rather than people needing to write scripts/code to download images and generate html formatted emails.