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    Community "Staff" meet @ TC15?

    Toby Erkson

      Tableau Community, have you thought about a 30 minute "session" for Tableau Ambassadors & Zen Masters to meet with y'all, possibly along with anyone else active in the Community (I think it would be nice to have others)?  Since many of us will be there it would be advantageous to put faces to names, ask/answer questions about the Community, etc.


      It wouldn't necessarily need to be a formal session that people sign up for (though it could be I guess) since there are already a LOT of sessions that we want to attend.  Maybe at the end of the day would be best if there are no open afternoon spots.  Very early in the week, too, so we can connect with each other more quickly since it's easier to see a person's face across the room than their ID/name badge


      Pooja's thread prompted this.  Our Community has really grown and I think it's important for participants to make an effort -- and easily have the time -- to meet each other in-person.  Thus my reason to have it scheduled and for a quality amount of time.