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    Working with monthly .csv files

    Matthew Kress

      I am currently attempting to summarize monthly .csv files that i receive. They all contain the same column headers. I receive null values for date for the secondary data source information when I attempt to use a date dimension from the primary data source (Primary only has April/May data in it, secondary contains data from different months).  Is there a way to have tableau recognize the other months that are not included in the primary data source? . I currently have the sources linked by a common field (not the date field) and am trying to get a running total without having to combine the .CSVs (files becomes too big and crashes my system).


      Additionally, I would like to be able to show a sum of the total number of records from the .CSVs (a sum of the number of records) in order to outline the items received within the year/quarter/month/day. I attempted to do a Count()+Count().....+Count() formula however it does not calculate anything so I'm not sure im going about this in the best way.


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thank you