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    Dynamic annotations on an animated chart

    Vinay V

      I have an animated visualization with year as the timing dimension and two other measures on the x and y axes. On the dashboard, I would to display the value of the current year as the animation progresses to make it easily understandable for the audience. I believe annotations should be used for this purpose but I couldn't figure out how. Can someone help me out on this.



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          Bill Lyons

          Indeed you can! The Page Name, Number and Count are available to insert into an annotation. This example uses an Area annotation. See also the attachment.

          page in annotation.gif


          In the attached example, I have also included an alternative method. This uses a floating worksheet with the year value. The key to keeping both worksheets synchronized in the animation is to have the same field on the Page shelf in both sheets, and the Synchronize option selected in the Page control on the dashboard.

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