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    Workbook Not Opening / Rendering Properly on Server

    Steve Martin

      As the title suggests, says it all really.


      I shall upload images of the problem as soon as I am able.


      I have a single-source workbook, the source is a MS SQL Server table fully optimised and indexed with roughly 16M rows so not really that big, total data size 6GB; data size within Tableau is 568MB and 192MB when compressed.


      All visuals are created from the same source with no external data, the workbook loads and renders correctly in desktop regardless as to whether an extract or direct connection is used; but, uploading to the server and two charts do not render (though Tableau knows they are there).


      I am using Tableau Desktop Pro 8.3, the server is also 8.3. The two charts failing to render are area charts (exact mock-up attached); the whole workbook is comprised of 8 charts across two dashboards; no changes have been made to either my pc, windows environment or Tableau installation, this is the same for the Tableau Server, and no changes have been made to the workbook; the workbook was running without issue since early March 2015 with the problem only appearing from Monday 29.06.2015.


      Prior to the problem, the initial load was created using an empty extract the loaded from the server with a scheduled refresh of once per week though the source table is refreshed daily.


      Currently, the only method available to allow the charts to render is by direct connection, the following configurations have been attempted:


      • Creating a new dashboard, uploading the old and new - fail
      • Uploading just the new dashboard - fail
      • Creating a new workbook, connection and dashboard - fail
      • From the existing workbook, uploading the dashboard and the worksheet - dashboard fails, worksheet works
      • Uploading only the two worksheets - one works, one does not
      • Uploading the worksheets as separate workbooks - pass (both)
      • Uploading as direct connection - pass


      Keep in mind that the sheets / dashboards work in desktop regardless as to whether in direct connection or extract modes


      Any help will be greatly appreciated here as I'm sure you can understand the impacts of complex calcs (from the other charts) executing against 16M rows.