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    Using more than 1 filter to drive dashboard results Problems

    Michael Lewis

      Assume I have a dashboard that consists of three worksheets as follows:


      Worksheet #1 shows Sales by Region.

      Worksheet #2 shows Sales by Store

      Worksheet #3 shows Sales by Product.


      I would like to create dashboards actions that perform the following:


      1. Select a region on sheet #1.  This selection drives the results shown on
        Sheet #2.
      2. Now, if you want, select a Store on Sheet #2 and
        this drives the results shown on Sheet #3.


      For example, sheet 1 shows sales by the following regions,
      Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. You select Northeast.  Sheet #2 updates with Stores A, B, C and D
      from that region.  You select Store C and
      Sheet 3 shows sales for Products A, B and E (C&D were not sold in Store C)